Cirques of Gavarnie, Troumouse and Estaubé

The territory of Gavarnie-Gèdre boasts a rich and diverse range of landscapes and culture, animals, plant life, waterfalls and mountain lakes.

Two sites are UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the cirques of Gavarnie, Troumouse and Estaubé (within the Pyrenees Monte Perdido site) and the Church of St. John the Baptist of Gavarnie as part of the "Way of St. James".

You can explore some wonderful hiking paths (accessible to all), as well as travelling up to the Gavarnie waterfall on horseback (summer only).

In the territory of Gavanie Gèdre you can go canyoning, discover the skating rink and also the Millaris Museum and the Gèdre-Dessus Mills, and feel free to visit the houses of the National Park and the Gavarnie Valley, as well as Luz-Saint-Sauveur.